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juniorswing golf clubs safe, durable

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7 irons - 35", 33", 31" JuniorSwing® 7 iron

The combination of a sophisticated internal support blade and Skinex® (integral skin polyurethane foam)...

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fairway wood - 38"JuniorSwing® Fairway Wood

Virtually identical instructional characteristics to a traditional club, with a cushioned back, hard...

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2-way putters - 33", 25"JuniorSwing® 2-Way Putter

Superior, safe and sturdy.
Skinex® head provides maximum safety by reducing risk of injury...

juniorswing golf club family of products


safe, durable

instructional, safe, realistic

Realistic hard striking surface

Cushioned back enhances
safety in the back swing!

Toy or Sporting Good?|U.S. CPSIA 2008

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Dom Sports, a division of DOM Enterprises Mfg & Ltd, has been manufacturing quality sports equipment for over 4 decades.
Dom Sports produces table tennis tables, gym hockey nets, the greatest selection of gym hockey sticks
as well as earth friendly recess equipment, shuffleboard, ringette, softball/baseball bats, and more.