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Do you have a wooden court?

The following questions and answers may help you to get the
best game possible out of your wooden shuffleboard court.


1. What is the best way to maintain the playing surface with respect to waxes, flakes/powders, etc.

Do not use glass beads, use plastic beads (such as SPB-5) or powder (TSW). The SPB-5 that we use on Roll Out courts works fine, as does the TSW. The glass is too abrasive and can scratch the wooden finish of your courts.

2. How often should it be cleaned?

Clean it...... when it is dirty. This seems like a simple even sarcastic answer, but its the truth. However, nothing slows a disc down like dirt so sweeping the court before play each day makes sense.

3. Can I apply anything to the discs to make them glide better?

Disc Wax on the bottom of the discs always helps. Bevelling the discs slightly on the bottom also helps to accept the beads (See our OTD-B) and lets the discs ride up on the bead easier rather than just pushing them aside.

4. Would the Nella-Seal #2 wax be appropriate for the surface we have?

Nella Seal #2 works on some wood, not on others. If the wood is sealed well then it works, otherwise it just soaks in. When the court is sealed well it does not take much wax to be effective. The wax keeps the court clean and also allows the beads to roll easier.

5. What cleaning equipment (mops, brooms, sponges, applicators, etc..) do you recommend to maintain the cleaning surface?

As for cleaning equipment, a good broom and a mop...but NOTHING abrasive. Unless it is sealed well, I recommend just dry cleaning -- sweep it clean. We have an excellent broom for this (see BR).


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