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Full length LIGHTNING Roll-A-Court Vinyl 40' x 6'


Weight: 98 lbs.
40 feet x 6 feet
Boxed size:
78" x 10" x 10"

This is an official full size tournament Roll-A-Court suitable for recreational and tournament play, WITHOUT the need for Beads!!

Recommended for indoor use, it can be used outdoors. No assembly required - simply roll out and play. When finished simply sweep the surface and roll up - easily stored for your next game.

Made of heavy duty vinyl, the Lightning court measures a full 40' long x 6' wide. Silicone spray is not included with the court and not recommended. Beads are not needed but can be used if desired. The court comes with a starter pack of SPB-5 plastic beads, not glass beads. (Ensure all beads are thoroughly swept up after play). Read about BEAD SAFETY.

For best play the official Arco brand "bevelled" discs OTD-B are strongly recommended (see below)*.

This court is ideal where there is a multi-use facility.

The regular Pro ARCO discs (OTD) will not work well on the roll out courts because they tend to "push" the beads out of the way. The special discs (OTD-B), also ARCO brand, are specially bevelled, so that they glide over the beads properly.



The Roll-A-Court is made of an extremely flexible Vinyl/Rubber composition and is custom colored and embossed. The thickness is less than 1/8 inch. Size is 6’ x 40’ and the lines are painted white.

One thing you must be careful of: When rolling court on core leave some core at each end and line up core with dead line on court so it is straight across.

Start to roll and make sure corners are tucked in properly or they will fold over.

Proceed to roll to other end, and if court is not even stand on end that has core showing, hold onto loose end, let some air get in and court will slide to floor. Then tighten and tape middle and each end with duct tape.

If placing in box keep loose end of court facing up so it does not fold over.

If the Roll-A-Court is cared for properly you can expect many years of enjoyment.


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