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Plastic Grid Court (Deluxe) Snap Together


Weight: 250 lbs.
52 feet x 6 feet
Boxed size:
5 boxes total for shipping
Green & Burgundy (Yellow Edging)

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Plastic grid-type courts have been available for several years.*

But this new court has a patented grid design that allows discs to slide more easily. The secret is the little "bips" that reduce friction along the surface of the disc and allow the discs to slide better, straighter and using less force.

Each 12" plastic grid is made up of a series of connected smaller squares and each square has a "bip" in each corner, raising the disc just a fraction off the main surface, thereby allowing the disc to slide on less plastic and reducing friction and drag. This very much enhances play for this plastic court.

Lines are pre-painted. Shipped in pre-assembled and well labelled sections, assembly is quick. (Conveniently and economically shipped via Canpar)

There is no maintenance. No beads are required for play. No wax is ever required to seal the surface. Courts are designed for outdoor use as weather will not affect them. Equally at home indoors for multi use areas.

Can go over the top of any flat surface. This court will allow you to play on your old, cracked concrete courts. Resurfacing a concrete court is not practical. The plastic court returns the enjoyment of shuffleboard by laying over top of your existing damaged courts. No need to anchor the court as the 250 lb weight will keep it firmly in place.

This is a deluxe court which is a full 52 feet long. The main body is light green, official 40' length. The two standing areas are burgundy and each is 6 feet long. To finish the court, for a clean professional look, yellow safety edging is included.

Courts can be left out year round but in more extreme weather conditions it is recommended the court be disassembled and stored over the winter. The design of the interlocking tiles makes it extremely easy to assemble your court in less than 45 minutes. If you are storing this court for winter conditions you can take it apart in 4' sections in less than 20 minutes.

Ideally suited for the needs of resorts, camps, condominiums, churches, seniors centres and community centres.

Any disc can be used with the court but ARCO brand discs are the best playing. A small amount of silicone sprayed on the bottom of the discs (spray bottle supplied with the court) will help the discs glide more quickly. Replacement spray can be purchased. See code SIL-08 (parts and accessories page)

To clean the court simply wash it down using a hose. The tiles incorporate ultra-violet inhibitors which ensure the court will maintain its full colour for years to come.

This Poly plastic court is an excellent all-round court for all levels of play.

* (Exclusive Canadian Distribution by Dom Sports)



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